Join Us For The First Event of Its Kind!

Discover The Step by Step Blueprint for RDs & Nutrition Coaches to Launch & Grow Your Own Online Nutrition Business in

2 Weeks or Less, Guaranteed!

In just 2 days we will help you craft or optimize your programs, dial in your marketing system, and uncover hidden income streams and then work 1-1 with you to get you ready to launch!

This event is all about IMPLEMENTATION and RESULTS!

Nutrition Business Conference

Clearwater, Florida or Virtual - December 10th & December 11th


This Works Or Your Money Back PLUS I Pay You $250 Towards Your Travel Costs*

2 Full Days of LIVE Training To Help You Launch & Grow Your Practice!

30 Days of Client Generating Social Media Post Templates That You Can Plug N' Play With Ease

Access To A Private Community So You Can Network To Build Partnerships That Can Generate Referrals

We Will Do More Together In One Weekend For Your Practice Than You’ll Probably Do In A Year, To Help You Learn How to Gain 

More Customers, Make More Impact, & Income

If you’re an RD or nutrition coach, we want to invite you to our Nutrition Biz Con event starting December 10th

At Nutrition Biz Con we’ll show you how to build a SUCCESSFUL online practice so you can specialize in helping…

  • Women navigate through menopause.

    Ice hockey players perform better in the rink.

  • Or whoever you want to help the most.

We’ll also help you CHOOSE your own working hours.  

Attract clients who need and respect you.

And potentially hit your first $10k month in a year or less.

100+ RDs and Nutrition Coaches Have ALREADY launched, built and scaled their own online practices using the exact system that will be revealed at this event.

We Asked Previous Event Attendees What Their Biggest Takeaway Was After Spending 2 Days With Us. Here's What They Said.

Trying To Figure Out How To Start An Online Business By Yourself Isn’t Worth It

SLAVING away for 8 hours a day at a hospital, clinic or somewhere else that drains you is enough already.

There is NO NEED to stretch yourself any further by trying to build your first online business by yourself.

When you join our live Nutrition Biz Con event, you don’t need to be alone.

You’ll discover how to build an online private practice during the 2 days you’re with us.

And you’ll be surrounded by other Registered Dietitians and Nutrition Coaches who want to do and learn the same thing as you.

Because let's face it.

Being a Registered Dietitian or Nutrition Coach can be exhausting, stressful and at times unrewarding when you're working in the WRONG role..

But Here's The Truth...

  • You don't have to keep feeling unappreciated at your 9-5

  • People are looking online for advice about their health and nutrition now more than ever

  • You can FINALLY use the full force of your nutritional expertise to help your clients properly

  • And look forward to working with all of your favorite clients, every day

  • You can finally do what you've always wanted to do as a nutrition expert and be recognized for it

  • You will be able to treat yourself to ANYTHING you want

  • And make the IMPACT and INCOME you've been missing out on

We Can Help You Build An Online Practice And Fill It With Your Dream Clients

Hi, Marissa Carlin here. 

I studied like CRAZY to be a Registered Dietitian, hoping to make a difference in this world.

But after working 6 years at the hospital I felt bored, burnt-out and underpaid.

I’d had enough of charting all day and not being noticed for doing my part to help patients too.

There were other moments too...

Like when the hospital would hand out bonuses they would make me feel even worse.

I’d sit there with a $27 bonus after tax, barely enough for a tank of gas while nurses, doctors and those in engineering would get bonuses of around $1000-$2000.


So I left my job to start my own private practice.

It wasn’t easy at first, but I quickly made a name for myself as THE go-to dietitian in my city and filled up my private practice, fast. 

Then I met Javier, who’s my husband now, at an in person event during 2018.

Amazing Husband & Business Partner.

I Couldn’t Ask For Better.


We always talked about how fortunate we were to be able to escape our 9-5's and build our own business.

And after a lot of talking, we decided to start something new together.

Not a family, yet, but a business combining everything we knew about healthcare and building businesses.

Since then, we’ve helped over 100 Registered Dietitians and Nutrition Coaches to start, build and scale their online practice.

And now we’re inviting you to join our new Nutrition Biz Con event from Friday the 30th of September to October 1st.

You can come learn from us in person and have your most urgent questions answered about building an online practice.

Or you can attend the event virtually and discover how to launch your online practice in under 2 weeks in the comfort of your own home.

And you can start, build and scale your own online private practice just like Leslie, Kimberly and Jennifer have....

Went from 0 clients in October 2021 to hitting her FIRST $10k month in 2 months and then a $10k week followed by a $26k month, 3 months later!

- Leslie Urbas. RD. from St Louis, MO

Went from struggling to get any clients beyond referrals to hitting her FIRST $5k month in May this year after only 3 months of working with us!

- Kimberly L. RD. from Ridgefield, CT

Got her FIRST $4k client this August!

- Jennifer G. RD. from Independence, OH

Even If You’re Still Working At A 9-5

Even if you have a family to look after.

Even if you don’t know where to start.

Even if you’ve never learned how to build your own online business before.

Even if you’ve been struggling for months or years with just a website.

Even if you’re worried about never having enough time or energy to make this work.

When you join our live Nutrition Biz Con event, you’ll discover our social media launch strategy.

And you'll be able to launch your own online practice online in 2 weeks or less.

Here’s The Agenda To Help You Grow Your Practice!

Day 1

Friday September 30th

On the first day of the Nutrition Biz Con event.

  • How to break your SUCCESS ceiling by changing just 1 thing YOU already have.

By Javier Carlin - The sales and marketing wizard who brought in 80 new visits per week to a PT clinic that was barely a few months old.

  • The 4 key actions that 6-figure private practitioners and millionaires use to get a week’s worth of work done in just ONE DAY.

By Marissa Carlin - Left her 9-5 job and became THE go-to dietitian who filled up her private practice with clients, fast.

  • And the SIMPLE truth about creating multiple income streams that’s been hidden in plain sight.

By Katie Dodd - A blogging and coaching expert who brought in $13,000 in her first group program launch and 110,000 monthly visits to her nutrition blog.

Day 2

Saturday October 1st

On the second day of the Nutrition Biz Con event.

  • Stories and lessons from our most successful clients who've launched successful nutrition businesses.

  • The power of investing made EASY, SAFE and PREDICTABLE for you.

By Tony Stephan - The Dietitian Entrepreneur who’s coached hundreds of RDs to build 6 figure online practices. Now a 7 figure real estate investor and coach. 

  • Our online launch strategy that has netted us SIX FIGURES in 1 week.

By Javier & Marissa Carlin - Helped over 100 RDs and nutrition coaches launch and scale their own online practices. 

During the day, we will arrange networking sessions, so you can get to know the best people to connect with.

You will also have the opportunity to network with the other attendees when we take a lunch break and after the day ends at self-arranged networking group dinners.

We’re very close to the beach and there are plenty of dining options to get together with the other attendees.

It’s at these dinners when potential new partnerships are forged. 

As the saying goes: 

Your Network = Your Net Worth

And that’s not all…

You’ll also get access to a few bonuses.

Here’s What You’ll Get At Nutrition Biz Con

Regardless of whether you attend the event in person or virtually.

The COMPLETE Nutrition Biz Con Workbook Designed To Remove Most Of The Work For You.

  • With exercises to help you take ideas and turn them into your reality

  • Templates so you know what to say and how to word things.

  • And swipe files for you to model off to get clients faster for your business.

Lifetime Access To The Private NBC LIVE Alumni FB Group.

  • To connect with like minded professionals who can refer you to your ideal clients.

And if you come to see us personally in Florida for the event, you’ll get…

A Delicious Lunch For Both Days.

So you can focus more on enjoying your breaks in between sessions with less planning.

A PRIVATE Dinner On The Starlight Yacht

Get the chance to speak with us personally and ask whatever question you want that you didn’t get a chance to ask yet.

And Here's What You Need To Know About Our Special Guests.

We always aim to overdeliver.

So we brought in two more Registered Dietitians who’ve made over 6 and 7 figures respectively with their own online businesses.

And they’ll be coming to share their own proven methods with you too.

First up… we have Katie Dodd.

She’s a Registered Dietitian who’s spent more than 13 years as a specialist in geriatric nutrition.

And she's an amazing person too!

Katie would often volunteer herself and take on roles like....

The President of the Oregon Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Blogging Expert With Over 110,000 Monthly Visitors

And the Chair of the Healthy Aging Dietetic Practice Group. 

She’s now currently a Commissioner for the Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR)

But that wasn’t enough for Katie.

She wanted to make a bigger impact and that led her to starting ‘The Geriatric Dietitian blog’.

It’s a side hustle that gives older adults EASY to understand nutrition and general health information.

And she has the ‘Dietitian Side Hustle podcast’ where she teaches you how to make an income online without seeing any patients. With our methods, Katie brought in over $13,000 in sales in her first group program launch and made over $150,000 as a side hustle in 2021.

And over 38,000 monthly visitors to her blog. And she’ll be sharing how you can get outstanding results with your own blogs and launches at our live event.

But she’s not alone…

Joining Katie Dodd will be none other than Tony Stephan.

RD. 7-Figure Real Estate

Investor & Coach!

Back in 2016, Tony was broke and had been told by his boss that he had reached the peak of his career as a Registered Dietitian.

Bored and frustrated, he couldn’t accept that and he left his job without having everything figured out.

Now, neither Tony or us suggest that you do the same unless you're really desperate.

Since then, he’s been able to help so many other Registered Dietitians build their own online nutrition coaching businesses.

And some of his clients have managed to go from zero to six figures in under a year!

But now he’s moved teaching others how he went from owning NO real estate to owning over $5 MILLION in real estate by the age of 30.

Tony will also be at the event to share a few of his secrets about investing.

Before you read anymore, you’re probably wondering…

“How Much Does A Ticket To The Nutrition

Biz Con Event Cost?”

That’s obviously an important question.

And we think you’re going to be pleasantly surprised.

If we charged you a “fair price” for this event, it would easily cost $4,000.

After all… we won’t take on a consulting client outside of our coaching program for less than $1000 for an hour of our time.

And we don’t always agree to do it.

But in the LIVE Nutrition Biz Con Event…

You’ll get access to us for 2 FULL days. Including the OTHER 6 and 7 figure Registered Dietitians we’re bringing in…

Plus, all of the other RDs and nutrition coaches attending this event that you’ll have the opportunity to network with.

And we’re NOT going to charge you $4,000 for it.

Or anywhere near that.

We don’t want to give you any excuses to miss this event.

We don’t want your “budget” to stop you from attending and missing out on making life changing connections.

We want to make this an absolute no-brainer’s decision for you to join us.

And you can join us virtually for $97 or come and meet us in person for $497.

There Are TWO Different Ways You Can Attend Nutrition Biz Con!

The difference is when you come to Nutrition Biz Con in person for $497.

You get to speak with us face to face in Clearwater, Florida.

And ask your most urgent questions about building your own online practice.

Without having to book a consulting call with us.

Or compete with the online attendees to have your questions answered.

A delicious lunch on both days will also be provided.

And a PRIVATE dinner with us on a Starlight yacht to celebrate your progress at the event.

Plus a beach yoga session in the morning with your fellow attendees to help you relax after a long and busy week…

And connect better with each other.

So you can refer clients to each other when they don’t fit your speciality.

Plus, the 2 FULL days where we’ll be teaching you how to launch your own offer on social media in 2 weeks.

But we know that not everyone can come see us live in person.

There are only 30 seats after all in the space we’ve rented out and over half of them have already gone.

If You Can’t Meet Us In Person, You Can Join Us From Your Laptop

So we’ll be live-streaming this event too for $97.

You won’t get the same experience as those who come to see us in person.

But you still get access to us for 2 FULL days as we teach you how to launch your own offer for your online private in 2 weeks or less.

From the comfort of your own home. And if you’d like a recording of the event, so you can go over what you’ve learned with us…

Then you're in luck.

Because yes, you guessed it.

You get access to that included too.

*If You're Not Completely Blown Away With What You Learn At Nutrition Biz Con...*

Then feel free to send us an email at and we’ll promptly give you a refund for your ticket.

This Is The LAST TIME We'll Host Nutrition Biz Con In 2022

We don’t know when we’ll host another opportunity like this.

But this event isn’t about us, it’s about YOU.

What are you going to do now?

EVERY DAY, more people are buying online than ever before after the pandemic.

People who could become YOUR patients, your dream clients, now TRUST the internet more than when you first started studying to be an RD or nutrition coach.

And more of your fellow professional colleagues have started to notice this explosion of ideal clients suddenly appearing too.

But they aren’t the only ones…

There are so many fake experts out there online who are giving poor nutrition advice.

And they make more than you do every day, every month and every year.

We Want To Help YOU Get All The Clients Online And Not Let The Fake Experts STEAL Them

We want to make sure that you’re the one to give them the advice they need to hear…

Advice that you’ve spent YEARS honing through long hours of study.

10 months of unpaid internship.

And a grueling exam to gain the right to call yourself a Registered Dietitian.

A mark of PRIDE that says YOU know what you’re talking about when it comes to nutrition.

PLUS all the experience you’ve gained from your current job.

And if you took a different exam instead to become an expert in nutrition, the same still applies.

You put an INSANE amount of time, effort and money to become an expert in your field of nutrition.

It’s About TIME You FINALLY Started Getting Paid Properly For Your Expertise

To be APPRECIATED by every client you work with.

That’s what we’ll teach you at the Nutrition Biz Con event starting Friday September the 30th.

And when you’re not working.

You’re NOT worrying about student debts or a growing recession, because you’ve got an online business with enough cash each month to cover ANY scenario.

Instead, you’re either out with friends and family.

Dining out on your favorite foods or making new and exciting memories on a vacation far far away.

Or maybe you’re just chilling out at home.

Sitting in a comfy chair, or sofa, with your favorite drink in one hand and a delicious snack in the other..

With NO ONE to judge you as you take a well deserved rest.

A dream scenario for Registered Dietitians and Nutrition Coaches.

But you don’t have forever to make that dream a reality.

Our event WON’T be up forever.

So click the button below…

Grab your seat to make an IMPACT on this world, be RECOGNIZED for it, and LIVE A MORE COMFORTABLE LIFE.

And we’ll see YOU in Clearwater, Florida or online… at the life-changing LIVE Nutrition Biz Con Event.

It's Time You Finally Made A Bigger Impact And Better Income!

Don't wait until the doors close and Nutrition Biz Con starts in:

Frequently Asked Questions ❓❓❓

  • Where does this take place? Beautiful Clearwater, Florida at the SSHC Headquarters or Virtually through Zoom (your choice)

  • Where do I get the zoom link? Once you purchase your event ticket you will be given access to the event calendar and your zoom link will also be sent via email/text.

  • Do I have to be an RD? Nope! All nutrition professionals & nutrition business owners (or business hopefuls!) welcome. You just need a passion for nutrition + entrepreneurship.

  • Are CEUs provided? Nope! While CEUs are awesome we believe having financial freedom and time freedom is even BETTER! So thats what we provide instead 😉

  • I can't attend the live sessions, will I get the recordings? YES! The recordings are included

Your Safety At The Live Event

If you attend live and in-person, please trust that your safety is our top priority.

There will be plenty of spacing between desks and deep cleaning hand sanitizer stations.

4625 E Bay Dr Suite 109, Clearwater, FL 33764, USA

Come Visit Us At The Office

Clearwater, Florida

Clearwater is an incredible location to visit as a tourist, and after the event ends, you can take advantage of this beautiful location and all it has to offer.

You can enjoy the famous sunsets at Pier 60, a nightly festival that features music, crafts and street performers.

Enjoy a walk along the beach, and there are plenty of bars to unwind with a few drinks to round off your day.

 (Just don’t overdo it on Friday night, because you need to be fresh for your action-packed Saturday.)

And Remember Our Promise To You...

This Works Or Your Money Back

PLUS I Pay You $250 Extra

To Put Towards Your Travel Costs

Thanks again for trusting us to be your mentors and guides with your online business.

I can’t wait to meet you at the event and help you impact more people & increase your income in your business.

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